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Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Die Duale

Once again, we toured the city with photographer Darius Ramazani to take pictures of four apprenticeship professions “for the you in edyoucation”. Despite the dreary fall weather, we successfully completed the four outdoor locations in two days with a lot of fun and a successful result.

Siemens AG

Global Business Services

Together with the agency Theim and the photographer Moritz Leisen, we produced this campaign for Siemens AG’s Global Business Services at the Amberg and Erlangen sites.

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

”Unser Schritt nach vorn: Das Bürgergeld”

For the introduction of the Bürgergeld, photographer Darius Ramazani photographed 6 models at different locations in and around Berlin. Combined with a studio shooting these motifs were created.

Vattenfall Eurofiber

”Dein Kiez. Verbindet.”

Unter dem Motto “Dein Kiez. Verbindet.” we joined forces with photographer Darius Ramazani on a day of shooting to capture different situations in Berlin neighborhoods and produce images to match the ongoing rollout of the fiber-optic network.

Mercedes Benz

Celebrating 500.000 G-Classes

In honor of the 500,000th G-Class, the timeless design of the past and present is presented in the name of Mercedes. Photographer Robert Swierczynski photographs two models from 1979 & 2023.


Corsa 40

A classic turns 40 – duly staged by photographer Enes Kucevic and prepared by us with care.

Jack Daniel's

”Make It Count”

When Jack Daniels hired Wolfgang to shoot their summer campaign for more of what they call his “no bullshit” photography, it was a summer slam dunk. A bit of Jack, a lot of summer set-ups, and a bunch of cool outdoor locations in Berlin to play in. What could possibly go wrong? Four days of torrential downpour, that’s what…


Yellow is Green

With “Yellow is Green”, DHL promotes its efforts to make logistics climate-friendly – in the almost iconic “Vogel Checkt” style with Jürgen Vogel. These photos were taken at the Megazentrum Ludwigsfelde. Jürgen Vogel was photographed by Philipp Rathmer and filmed by his colleagues at Markenfilm.

Meatless Farm

”So close...”

“So close to …” really changing something. Daniel Gebhardt de Koekkoek shot the meatless farm campaign that truly believes in the power of peas!

German Giant Gin

”Think Giant. Drink Giant.”

German Giant Gin the brand, which was developed as the first project by Jung von Matt’s new agency unit START, tells the story of a group of close friends who travel through the night with Giant Gin. The German Giant Gin lifestyle was captured by Conrad Bauer at two locations in Berlin. JvM START is aimed at new brands and thus answers any start-up needs.

Universal Music

Rammstein ”Zeit” PR Shoot

It was „Zeit” for new Rammstein PR photos. Together with photographer Andreas Waldschütz we accepted the challenge and had a lot of fun in the studio.

Universal Music

Rammstein ”Zeit”

“Ein jeder kennt den perfekten Moment” – for the cover of the 8th Rammstein album “Zeit”, photographer Bryan Adams captured the perfect moment. On 2 shooting days in Berlin, iconic images were created at different locations in front of impressive architecture.


NIKKOR lens shoot

Once again we were on assignment for NIKON: stunning photographs of two top teams – leading rugby athletes and the fastest of the fast track cyclists.
Matthias Hangst, Getty Images Chief Sports photographer, and two incredibly inspiring and equally exciting production days for Nikon’s latest sports lens in the Z series (400/2.8).


Business Loan Campaign Shoot

Together with our friends over at Bigshrimp Production, spent 2 productions days in Berlin for the latest campaign for the business clients for Sparkasse. Topic this time: Sustainability and digitalization. We loved being elephants in a china shop with photographer Florian Bison, the team from Scholz & Friends and of course a superbe crew!


”Für das was zählt”

Sustainability and fresh food. Fissler accompanies blogger Marina Jerkovic and master chef Steffen Sinzinger for a day in Berlin.

Deutsche Post DHL

Vogel’s checking: parcel post or goods mail?

Jürgen checked the difference between goods mail and parcel post. And was photographed by Philipp Rathmer.


ZOE WEES x FW21 Originals

For Adidas’ latest campaign „step into you“ we joined forces again with our friends from Dawn Productions in the UK and had the immense pleasure to spend one day with the music world’s finest & rising SoMe star and incredibly talented musician Zoe Wees in Berlin. Marlen Stahlhuth photographed Zoe (with our props stylist’s dog) in front of three different backdrops in a studio in the North of Berlin capturing Zoe’s inspirational testimonial about self-confidence and embracing your own individuality.
The campaign then traveled to Paris and London and was met by Maya Jama and Lena Mahfouf who contributed to „Step Into you“ from their perspectives.

Wolfgang Zac


Sometimes the commercial world and the art world collide in a multi-image pileup on the freeway. Lately Wolfgang has bid on several world famous car brands. But he has also had the urge to create an unplanned art project, where he follows his muse with no idea where it ends. Then, art idea thumbed a ride with the car bids and became the YEAH BUT NO car…see more

We’ve got style! And produced for various players in the fashion world.

It’s all about Location Location Location! Finding the perfect spot is hard.
Our location archive into a platform aims to simplify the sometimes endless search.
Search. Find. Book. Easy.


Touareg eHybrid

The Touareg eHybrid is one of Volkswagens latest plug-in hybrid models. Lunik produced the campaign for photographer Chris Noltekuhlmann in Berlin.

Erste Bank | Sparkasse

Erste Bank - Erste Liebe

At sunrise, we produced the photo campaign “Erste Liebe – Erste Bank” (trans. first love – first bank) for Erste Bank | Sparkasse with photographer Wolfgang Zac for Jung v. Matt. Check out the video to the #glaubandich – campaign here


COLD.RDY - screen shoot by ZAC

Ready. Set. Cold. As fans of Wolfgang Zacs pioneering Screen Shoot concept ADIDAS wanted that vibe for their current COLD.RDY collection – separates designed to be worn layered to battle the winter. But Wolfie saw the deeper meaning; layering is how we’re living. And we produced it with our friends from Dawn Production.


Purpose Premium - Campaign shot

For Volkswagen’s latest e-mobility campaign, we spent intense production days in Berlin’s urban jungle. Photographer & Director Chris Noltekuhlmann staged VW’s ARTEON in sleek and elegant urban surroundings. Check out the director’s cut for impressions of Volkswagen’s Arteon and Touareg in action.

Colin's Jeans

Urban Fashion Campaign

Eric Elenbaas von der Amsterdamer Kreativagentur EE Agency beauftragte uns mit Casting, Location Scouting & Production Support der neuen COLIN’S Kampagne geshootet von Fotograf Paul Berends. Innerhalb von 5 Shootingtagen wurde an 10 Berliner Locations produziert.


COLD.Rdy Screenshot Berlin



Sustainability is very important to us – that’s why it was a special pleasure for us to stage the new Canyon series “PRECEDE:ON” in the Berlin urban jungle with the photographer Seb Winter.


Key visual campaign 2020

RAMP Magazin



Klartax Bigfish

Bucherer AG

Monika Rothlauf


Production Service Abbvie


Purpose Premium


BMW Christmas Lifestyle Campaign

Together with photographer Eric Frideen we produced the BMW Christmas campaign. The result was a whole series of still lifes, portraits and image films – and of course lots of Christmas spirit on the set!


Bosch Professional ”Its in your hands”

For the “Blue Line” by BOSCH we produced in 4 blocks on a total of 14 shooting days. As far as it was possible, we realized the motives on large construction sites in Berlin – for some special perspectives we switched for logistical reasons to a studio and created a set design.


Editorial ”X-mas Wrapping”

The Art of Wrapping is part of our BMW Christmas Campaign shot by Photographer Eric Frideen capturing stylist Dagmar Murkudis developing ideas how to present the perfect gift.


UX 300e

Together with our partner Hamilton R. Pereira Production Management we took over the service production for this demanding car shooting. Photographer John Higginson staged the two electric vehicles over 3 days on the theme of “Electrified City”, including wetdown at 7 locations – some impressions can be found here.


Natürlich. Zeitgeist. Seit 145 Jahren

On 4 days of production the Hamburg photographer Philipp Rathmer staged the revival campaign on the occasion of ‘145 years Schiesser’ in Berlin. Once again we were able to assist Philipp with location scouting and production support.


BMW Lifestyle - Golf Collection

One strike into in the green grass of Dubai. The photographer Tomas Falmer captured the new golf collection of BMW with class and precision.

CGI Keyvisual

On behalf of the agency VCCP we didn’t go on a journey, but produced the three motives for the client in the studio and as 3D rendering.

Porsche Design

A to Z of Giving

Wolfgang Zac captured all the letters of the alphabet with all different Porsche Design products in this energetic one day production in Berlin.

Universal Music

Shirin David Calendar

We spent two days with an amazing team and the celebrity photographer Vijat Mohindra photographing 12 different themes for the calendar of the singer Shirin David.


Editorial ”The Art of Wrapping a Car”

Packing a car as a gift is an unusual task – stylist Dagmar Murkundis has creatively taken on this challenge for and developed a simple but stylish method. Jan Eric Euler photographed and created a video for this creative tutorial.


REWE Delivery Service

You don´t always have to go out of the house for fresh ingredients, they can come to you! We drove around for three days in the city of Berlin with the photographer
Jan Eric Euler
the team and a delivery van to produce the campaign of REWE new delivery and pickup service.


Essence Campaign ”You Better Work”

For Essence we spent a day in Hamburg and did a sweat-inducing shooting with photographer Florian Bison.


”300 Years” Campaign

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Feuersozietät, we realized the corresponding campaign together with the photographer Ailine Liefeld. Fitting for the summer, the second round of new motifs is present citywide – here’s to a successful cooperation and another 300 years!

Rolling Stone Magazin

Covershoot Rammstein

“Photoshooting Lunik” is outside at the doors. The code name must be so that the couriers know where to ring the bell, but at the same time no crazy instagrammer are attracted.” (RS magazines, issue 296)


BMW Lifestyle - Miniatur

Even a car can beautify the apartment, a BMW in miniature, for example. Photographed by Tomas Falmer.


Rammstein PR Shooting

The new album to the same name of the band Rammstein has just been released and the stadium tour is sold out – we realised the production of various press photos with the Berlin portrait photographer Jens Koch.

Universal Music


All good things are worth waiting for – together with the danish photographer Jes Larsen we realized the artwork for the new Rammstein release.

ZDF neo

ZDF neo ”Das Parfum”

Crime-Thriller on ZDF neo – therefor Siri Nase – on ZDF as Katharina Läufer – alias “K”, lay down to be shooted by Philipp Rathmer. Have a look at the Making-of.


Yvonne Catterfeld & Merci

A warm thank you! For Mother’s Day, Yvonne Catterfeld was photographed by Christian Schoppe in Berlin for Merci from Storck.


BMW Lifestyle - Bike Collection

Bikes and e-bikes from the car manufacturer BMW set in scene in the fantastic scenery of Spain for the collection shoot of Tomas Falmer.
Also have a look at the film.

TUI Group

TUI Rhodes

The sun god Helios asked Zeus for a fertile island and named it Rhodes. At our shooting we visited beautiful hotels of the TUI Group, which were photographed by Philipp Rathmer. Insights into the work on site.

Zoo Magazine


Wir durften an einer weitere Fotostrecke für Rammstein mitwirken, die von Bryan Adams in Szene gesetzt wurde.

TUI Group

TUI Hotels Turkey

Once again, photographer Philipp Rathmer shot for the TUI Group. This summer, the team spent almost… more.

Berliner Stadtwerke

Berlin Campaign

Together with photographer Darius Ramazani we shot on top of Berlin rooftops and in the sorroundings of the capital. The result were these two great motifs.


Campaign shooting

Alina Schessler has recently been represented by KLEIN Phototraphen and we were invited to assist her in her first shoot in cooperation with the representation. The motifs for Zeiss were shot in front of a beautiful Berlin cafe.


Berlin Marathon

We supported photographer Klaus Merz for this shooting for Adidas with some of their runners. Check out the Making of.


”300 Years” Campaign

To celebrate the 300. anniversary of Feuersozietät, photographer Ailine Liefeld was invited to create these great pictures.



With photographer David Breun we were on the run for 6 shoot days and on 15 different locations in berlin. In cooperation we produced 80 images for the client DriveNow.



Again we produced for photographer Philipp Rathmer from Hamburg. This time we were on the road for the client Wrigley in Hamburg and Leipzig.


Image campaign

We accompanied Jan Eric Euler at the shooting for Vonovia. A series of great pictures with our young models resulted from this shoot.


Kampagne ”Gib Alles”

TUI Group

Home & Travel agency

Everyone knows the happy anticipation you feel before going on a vacation. If it is at home looking through travel catalogues or being consulted at the travel agency. Philipp Rathmer photographed this happy moments for TUI.

TUI Group

At the airport

During the TUI shooting we went to the airport for two days. There we photographed our models in the different areas of the terminal.

TUI Group

On holiday

In the autumn of last year, the TUI Group gave the starting signal for a large image pool production. Photographer Philipp Rathmer was brought aboard to take care of the creative development and realisation of the motifs. Take a look at the great outcome here

TUI Group

City Trip

City trip instead of beach vacation? With TUI and Philipp Rathmer we went through Berlin to picture the nice aspects of a city trip.


PrivatPolice Plus

For R+V Versicherung with photographer Andreas Ande. During a 5 day shoot in and around Berlin: Take a look at the making of here.

Robinson Club

For sport enthusiasts

The shooting for Robinson Club with photographer Philipp Rathmer took place in Turkey. Here you can check out the stunning pictures.

HUK Coburg


Gregor Collienne took pictures for HUK Coburg again. Take a look at the “Partnerhandwerk” campaign.

Das Örtliche


Murat Aslan shot the campaign images for the app of Das Örtliche.



Ailine Liefeld shot the new image pool for N-Ergie this summer. Find more about the shoot here.



Murat Aslan photographed a “gambler” for Sparda. Here are some impressions from the shooting.


eLearning Tool

On 4 shooting days Murat Aslan shot the new images for the DHL eLearning tool.

mint & berry

Seaside Campaign

Photographer Caroline Mackintosh shot the Seaside Fall/Winter campaign for mint&berry. More



Photographer Franz Bischof shot a big pool of new images for the credit specialist of Sparkasse.


Swisscanto Invest

At the beginning of the year we produced a shooting for Swisscanto Invest with photographer Noë Flum.


Fall Winter

4 days shoot – 12 locations. With Mizuno we went to cool and urban locations in Berlin, to put their running outfits in scene.


Employer Branding

Over a span of four days photographer Jan Eric Euler captured these moments of 20 employees of ING DiBa in various sports and leisure activities.


PR Shooting

We are proud to be able to look back on a long-term cooperation with Rammstein. Once again our production with photographer Olaf Heine and the Berlin band has an amazing outcome.


”Vive le Moment - Laundrette”

Wolfgang Zac shot this image for Gauloises in an very iconic launderette in Berlin.



Sven Sindt shot some cool images for the new liqueur of Jägermeister.

AOK Bundesverband


At the beginning of the year, we were on the road with Murat Aslan to shoot a few new motifs for the AOK.


People Poolshooting

Three days of shooting with photographer Ailine Liefeld in different REWE markets led to 15 beautiful motifs.

HUK Coburg

Autumn campaign

Once again the insurance company HUK Coburg put their trust in the Belgian photographer Gregor Collienne. Take a look.



In collaboration with the company Hager we spent five days shooting with photographer Lena Burmann in and around Berlin to feature various products from the smart home segment.


Ready to

The images for Smart were shot at 5 different locations in Berlin by photographer Stefan Viehbacher.


Pingui Walk


Winter Campaign


Campaign shooting fall



Black Socks

Campaign shooting

Two exciting shooting days for the Swiss company Black Socks resulted in 4 images.

HUK Coburg


Directly after the pool shooting, we found ourselves out and about shooting again for HUK. Thanks go to Gregor Collienne, MetaDesign and HUK Coburg for the great cooperation which made it a smooth operation!

BMW Motorrad

C650 sport & C 650 GT

Our team spent one day zooming through Berlin. Snapping from a sidecar and cabrio, Moritz Thau captured these fast-moving images.

HUK Coburg


Gregor Collienne created 24 images in 3 days in a selected partner garage of HUK Coburg in Berlin.

HUK Coburg


In 2015, we were able to produce for HUK Coburg, working for the third time in collaboration with photographer Gregor Collienne and MetaDesign.


USDD Lifestyle Pool

Photographer Ailine Liefeld and the models spent three days dashing around Berlin, moving from location to location.

Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks

Professional Diversity

The second selection of photos reveal the diversity of requirements of this shoot with Jann Klee



The focus of the production with Eric Frideen in Berlin was on an international casting for the new Silhouette faces.


icode shooting

Takko Fashion

Winter Campaign

The images for the winter campaign 14/15 for Takko Fashion were realised by photographers Andy Tan and Michael Berger.

Warner Music

Lindemann ”Praise Abort”

Zoran Bihac restaged the singer of Rammstein for his solo project. If you are interested in a closer look behind the scenes of the shooting and of course in seeing the final music video and it’s belonging trailer, please click here.


Construction Loan

This picture for Sparkasse arose from a shooting in cooperation with photographer Gregor Collienne.


Real Woman & Man Campaign

Mat Neidhardt for Fa in Rio de Janeiro with Big Wave surfer Maya Gabeira and Live Saving world champion Thomas Vilaceca.



Together with the two main actors from the TV spot and on a beautiful day in Prag, Ailine Liefeld shot many different situations on the topic of flat search and moving in.


Campaign 2015

These images were shot in collaboration with the Rumanian CGI Studio Carioca. The models were shot at a Berlin stunt studio and perfectly fit into the computer-generated background.

Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks

Professional Diversity

Representative of the broad training opportunities offered by the Chamber of Commerce, photographer Jann Klee portrayed 15 professions, a pleasantly exciting task for Location Scouting and Casting. All subjects were shot in genuine business environment with genuine craftsmen.

HUK Coburg

Pool Shooting

15 days of shooting with Gregor Collienne – the weather was on our side every single day, not a given in Berlin summer. Altogether it was a really nice photo production, as a result of the close collaboration with Meta Design.

Deutsche Telekom


For the broadband/landline campaign 2014 the photographer Andreas Hempel staged actual Telekom employees in Hamburg.



Ray Demski was invited by Nikon to test the new Nikon camera D750 before the Photokina and to talk about it at the fair. The result are these impressive pictures with professional athletes at different locations in Berlin and Potsdam.

Harper’s Bazaar Russia

Nadja Auermann

Supermodel Nadja Auermann adorns the April issue of the Russian Harper’s Bazaar – Alan Gelati shot the cover and series in Berlin’s Bridge Studios.


BVB WM Promotion

The shooting by photographer Olaf Heine of the BVB players Kevin Grosskreutz, Marco Reus, Marcel Schmelzer and Roman Weidenfeller for the sweepstake “World Cup in the largest living room of the world” was located in the unique Footbonauten in Dortmund.

Deutsche Telekom


Round for round on the big rollercoaster – a childhood dream. But how what does it feel like when the dream becomes true? Photographer Jan Eric Euler and 6 brave models tell.


The whole range of Berlin

Ailine Liefeld stages ‘Service and Living in Berlin’ for the Gewobag.


People Shooting

Photographer Mat Neidhardt found 20 great models in a street casting for McDonald’s, with whom he shot these authentic moments in 4 days. Here one can see just how good the vibes really were.

Deutsche Telekom

Netzoffensive - Teil 2

This shooting is the sequel of the successful employee campaign, again realized by Uwe Düttmann. This time the focus lies on the topic of data security.


Lawn Mower

For this shooting we had to look for the perfect green. Looked for and found – Photographer Özgür Albayrak realized the ‘Invented for life’ campaign in Berlin and Potsdam.


Dynamic Light Assist

A huge success for DDB Tribal Berlin – Arthur Mebius shot this campaign, which got awarded at the ADC and New York Festival.

AEG Electrolux

UltraOne Vacuum Cleaner

Photographer Wolfgang Zlodej shook things up with the models for AEG Electrolux.


”Knitting movement”

Not only the models got swathed in knitwear – the road sign also got a warming cover.

Deutsche Telekom


LTE masts, fiber optic cables, distribution boxes – we learned a lot about the technical aspects of the grid expansion in preparation for the shoot with Uwe Düttmann. Center of the campaign were real employees this time. Thanks to everyone involved for the great collaboration!

TÜV Nord


The challenge: to shoot a TÜV employee in tropic jungle atmosphere and pelting rain somewhere in the middle of Germany. The greenhouse in Holle was the perfect location for photographer Oliver Farys and team.


Life changes. Your belongings will too

The eBay campaign describes a shopping theme in three pictures at a time. Valerie Phillips shot the motive in Berlin during tropical temperatures.


Summer Fashion

Summer, beach and sun – work can be so much fun. On the Darß we found the nicest beaches for our Zalando shooting with photographer Nacho Allegre.

Deutsche Telekom


Once more we collaborated with Özgür Albayrak for another Telekom campaign , which was realized in 3 days in Berlin. Here you can see the team at work.

Universal Music

Rammstein - NYC Fotoshooting

Ruud Baan

My Mumbai

Universal Music

Rammstein - PR Fotoshooting

Deutsche Telekom

Corporate Campaign

We were on the road with Astrid Grosser in and around Berlin, right towards the sun.



Ailine Liefeld portraitiert echte Mitarbeiter an ihren Arbeitsplätzen bei Vattenfall in Berlin und Hamburg.


Simons Suche

Right at the beginning of 2013, we produced this photo shooting for Congstar. Have a look behind the scenes.

Deutsche Telekom


Kampagne für den Mailservice der Deutschen Telekom.


Annual Report

The shooting was done over three days while the McDonald stores involved kept operating.



In this campaign genuine real estate managers have one’s say. The images were realized by photographer Ailine Liefeld.

Gregor Collienne

Stadt_Splitter Berlin

Producing this photo series with Gregor Collienne was a lot of fun. The images talk for themselves (even with an overcast sky and freezing cold!)


Hear The World‘s Sound

For Soundcloud we were on the road in Berlin with Julia Baier and her team.

Deutsche Telekom

Best Friends

Once more we collaborated with Trevor Ray for Saatchi & Saatchi to produce for Deutsche Telekom. This time the team went to Croatia.


EasyTone - New York City #2

Deutsche Telekom

Das Erleben Experiment


Poolshooting ”The Eye of ENTEGA”

The topic of our twelve day shooting: wind, water, sun, and other sources of energy generation. Nothing got prepared or staged which was extraordinary. A photographic road movie.



A weekend with three friends in Berlin. That was the only demand Alex Therani had for this shooting.

Deutsche Telekom

Local Park Sensation

A shooting dominated by the weather: the print campaign for the flashmob event at the English Garden in Munich actually had been supposed to be finished. Because of grey and cold weather conditions in Germany, we moved the production to a location near Barcelona.



Mein Paket #2

Photographer Murat Aslan already did some shootings for the package department of DHL. We supported him for the last two productions.Here are some of the images from the latest shooting.



We were able to realize an extraordinary production for ING DiBa together with photographer Antje Merkel. After a nation-wide casting, she portrayed the real employees of the bank for about two weeks in Frankfurt/Main. Impressions of the shooting can be seen in the film and here.

Deutsche Telekom

Alexandra Maria Lara ”Mobiles Internet”

In the beautiful city of Capetown we produced the photos, taken by Özgür Albayrak, for the pilot campaign of the motion-picture MOVE ON, starring Mads Mikkelsen. In the limelight Alexandra Maria Lara while portrayed in the set of an imaginary shooting



The eBay fashion shoot was a remarkable production for us. Together the fashion bloggers Anda & Masha (NYC) and Eleonora Carisi (Milan) we compiled a collection for eBay. The Swedish photographer Joel Rhodin managed to stage this (more….).


Mein Paket #1

C 1000

Arjen Robben

Ruud Baan staged Arjen Robben artfully for the sticker seriesStars of Football”.



It was an interesting challenge to visually “unpack” the dream objects. On set it rather looked quite different.

Prevention Magazine


Mark Holthusen hat für das US-Magazin diese beiden wohl jedem bekannten Bilder nachgestellt. Illustriert haben sie einen Artikel zum Thema „Graue Haare“.

Deutsche Telekom


Mit dieser Kampagne wurde ein neuer Bildstil für die Deutsche Telekom etabliert – „mitten im Leben“.

JFK Magazine


An editorial shooting in 3D monochrome look for the Dutch men’s magazine „JFK“


Logo Shops

Viele verschiedene Läden hat Carsten Lehmann für dieses Motiv fotografiert, die dann zum ebay Logo zusammengesetzt wurden.


ZigTech F/W

For the Reebok ZigTech campaign, we traveled around the world to various places with Ruud Baan like Mumbai, Shanghai, Washington D.C., Madrid and Indianapolis.


BMW ”Marathon”

BMW ist Hauptsponsor des Marathons in Berlin und Frankfurt. Mit Sportfotograf Oliver Farys haben wir diese Motive produziert.


EasyTone ”Reflections” L.A.

Deutsche Telekom

Christoph Waltz

A project with an all-star cast: Oscar nominee Christoph Waltz photographed by celebrity photographer Marc Hom.


EasyTone - Cape Town


ZigTech - Zurich, LA, Kolkata...

We produced the Reebok Campaign with Tom van Heel who portrayed athletes like Lewis Hamilton (in Zürich), Iker Casillas (in Madrid), Peyton Manning (in Indianapolis), Alexander Ovechkin (in Washington D.C.), Mahendra Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh (in Kalkutta) and Amir Khan (in Los Angeles).


EasyTone - Apparel Berlin

Deutsche Telekom

”LIGA Total!”


EasyTone - Miami


EasyTone - New York City #1

This shooting in NYC was the start to a great production series around the globe with photographer Felix Larher.


Style Guide


Wernesgrüner / Bitburger


The Saxonian brewery Wernesgrüner wanted to show a summery municipal park setting for it’s campaign “Stammgäste”. Thanks to the snowy weather conditions in January we instead moved the production to South America and took the pictures at the beautiful park of Buenos Aires.

Deutsche Telekom

Years End Campaign

This cozy little cottage is not situated in a snowy winter scenery. It was built into the Berlin Havelstudio.

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home ”Entertain”

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home ”Call & Surf”

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home ”VSE” Poolshooting