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Basic + PrivatPolice Plus

At the end of 2017 we produced a shooting for R+V Versicherung with photographer Andreas Ande. During 5 days of shooting in and around Berlin the different motifs were shot. Here are some making of pics from the shooting.

Robinson Club

For sport enthusiasts

The shooting for Robinson Club with photographer Philipp Rathmer took place in Turkey. Here you can check out the stunning pictures.

HUK Coburg


Gregor Collienne took pictures for HUK Coburg again. This time the pictures were for the “Partnerhandwerk” campaign.




Das Örtliche


Murat Aslan shot the campaign images for the app of Das Örtliche.



Ailine Liefeld shot the new image pool for N-Ergie this summer. We shot at different locations here in Berlin and at the headquarters of the company in Nürnberg.



Murat Aslan photographed a “gambler” for Sparda. Here are some impressions from the shooting.


eLearning Tool

On 4 shooting days Murat Aslan shot the new images for the DHL eLearning tool.

mint & berry

Seaside Campaign Fall/Winter 2017

Photographer Caroline Mackintosh shot the Seaside Fall/Winter campaign for mint&berry. Among others, the cliff line of the island Rügen served as a scenery.



Photographer Franz Bischof shot a big pool of new images for the credit specialist of Sparkasse.


Swisscanto Invest

At the beginning of the year we produced a shooting for Swisscanto Invest with photographer Noë Flum.


Fall Winter 2017

4 days shooting at 12 locations. With Mizuno we went to different cool and urban location here in Berlin, to put their running outfits in scene.


Employer Branding

Over a span of four days photographer Jan Eric Euler captured these moments of 20 employees of ING DiBa in various sports and leisure activities.


PR Shooting

We are proud to be able to look back on a long-term cooperation with Rammstein. Once again photographer Olaf Heine invited the Berlin band into his studio and we took over the production.


"Vive le Moment - Laundrette"

Wolfgang Zac shot this image for Gauloises in an very iconic launderette in Berlin.



Sven Sindt shot some cool images for the new liqueur of Jägermeister.

AOK Bundesverband


At the beginning of the year, we were on the road with Murat Aslan to shoot a few new motifs for the AOK.


People Poolshooting

Three days of shooting with photographer Ailine Liefeld in different REWE markets led to 15 beautiful motifs.

HUK Coburg

Autumn campaign

Once again the insurance company HUK Coburg put their trust in the Belgian photographer Gregor Collienne. This time he shot the company’s autumn campaign.



In collaboration with the company Hager we spent five days shooting with photographer Lena Burmann in and around Berlin to feature various products from the smart home segment.


Ready to

The images for Smart were shot at 5 different locations in Berlin by photographer Stefan Viehbacher.


Pingui Walk


Campaign shooting winter


Campaign shooting fall



Black Socks

Campaign shooting

Two exciting shooting days for the Swiss company Black Socks resulted in 4 images.

HUK Coburg


Directly after the pool shooting, we found ourselves out and about shooting again for HUK. Thanks go to Gregor Collienne, MetaDesign and HUK Coburg for the great cooperation which made it a smooth operation!

BMW Motorrad

C650 sport & C 650 GT

Our team spent one day zooming through Berlin. Snapping from a sidecar and cabrio, Moritz Thau captured these fast-moving images.

HUK Coburg


Gregor Collienne created 24 images in 3 days in a selected partner garage of HUK Coburg in Berlin.

HUK Coburg

Poolshooting 2015

In 2015, we were able to produce for HUK Coburg, working for the third time in collaboration with photographer Gregor Collienne and MetaDesign.


USDD Lifestyle Pool

Photographer Ailine Liefeld and the models spent three days dashing around Berlin, moving from location to location.


Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks

Professional Diversity

The second selection of photos reveal the diversity of requirements of this shoot with Jann Klee


Campaign 2015

The focus of the production with Eric Frideen in Berlin was on an international casting for the new Silhouette faces.


icode shooting 2015

Takko Fashion

Winter 14/15

The images for the winter campaign 14/15 for Takko Fashion were realised by photographers Andy Tan and Michael Berger.

Warner Music


Zoran Bihac restaged the singer of Rammstein for his solo project. Here you can see the photographs taken at our video production….


Construction Loan

This picture for Sparkasse arose from a shooting in cooperation with photographer Gregor Collienne.


Real Woman & Man Campaign

Mat Neidhardt for Fa in Rio de Janeiro with Big Wave surfer Maya Gabeira and Live Saving world champion Thomas Vilaceca.



Together with the two main actors from the TV spot and on a beautiful day in Prag, Ailine Liefeld shot many different situations on the topic of flat search and moving in.


Campaign 2015

These images were shot in collaboration with the Rumanian CGI Studio Carioca. The models were shot at a Berlin stunt studio and perfectly fit into the computer-generated background.

Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks

Professional Diversity

Representative of the broad training opportunities offered by the Chamber of Commerce, photographer Jann Klee portrayed 15 professions, a pleasantly exciting task for Location Scouting and Casting. All subjects were shot in genuine business environment with genuine craftsmen.

HUK Coburg

Pool Shooting 2014

15 days of shooting with Gregor Collienne – the weather was on our side every single day, not a given in Berlin summer. Altogether it was a really nice photo production, as a result of the close collaboration with Meta Design.

Deutsche Telekom

BBFN 2014

For the broadband/landline campaign 2014 the photographer Andreas Hempel staged actual Telekom employees in Hamburg.



Ray Demski was invited by Nikon to test the new Nikon camera D750 before the Photokina and to talk about it at the fair. The result are these impressive pictures with professional athletes at different locations in Berlin and Potsdam.

Harper’s Bazaar Russia

Nadja Auermann

Supermodel Nadja Auermann adorns the Russian April issue of Harper’s Bazaar – Alan Gelati shot the cover and series in Berlin’s Bridge Studios.


BVB WM Promotion

The shooting by photographer Olaf Heine of the BVB players Kevin Grosskreutz, Marco Reus, Marcel Schmelzer and Roman Weidenfeller for the sweepstake “World Cup in the largest living room of the world” was located in the unique Footbonauten in Dortmund.

Deutsche Telekom


Round for round on the big rollercoaster – a childhood dream. But how what does it feel like when the dream becomes true? Photographer Jan Eric Euler and 6 brave models tell.


The whole range of Berlin

Ailine Liefeld stages ‘Service and Living in Berlin’ for the Gewobag.


People Shooting

Photographer Mat Neidhardt found 20 great models in a street casting for McDonald’s, with whom he shot these authentic moments in 4 days. Here one can see just how good the vibes really were.


Netzoffensive - Teil 2

This shooting is the sequel of the successful employee campaign, again realized by Uwe Düttmann. This time the focus lies on the topic of data security.


Lawn Mower

For this shooting we had to look for the perfect green. Looked for and found – Photographer Özgür Albayrak realized the ‘Invented for life’ campaign in Berlin and Potsdam.


Dynamic Light Assist

A huge success for DDB Tribal Berlin – Arthur Mebius shot this campaign, which got awarded at the ADC and New York Festival.

AEG Electrolux

UltraOne Vacuum Cleaner

Photographer Wolfgang Zlodej shook things up with the models for AEG Electrolux.


"Knitting movement"

Not only the models got swathed in knitwear – the road sign also got a warming cover.

Deutsche Telekom


LTE masts, fiber optic cables, distribution boxes – we learned a lot about the technical aspects of the grid expansion in preparation for the shoot with Uwe Düttmann. Center of the campaign were real employees this time. Thanks to everyone involved for the great collaboration!

TÜV Nord


The challenge: to shoot a TÜV employee in tropic jungle atmosphere and pelting rain somewhere in the middle of Germany. The greenhouse in Holle was the perfect location for photographer Oliver Farys and team.


Life changes. Your belongings will too

The eBay campaign describes a shopping theme in three pictures at a time. Valerie Phillips shot the motive in Berlin during tropical temperatures.


Summer Fashion

Summer, beach and sun – work can be so much fun. On the Darß we found the nicest beaches for our Zalando shooting with photographer Nacho Allegre.

Deutsche Telekom

BBFN 2013

Once more we collaborated with Özgür Albayrak for another Telekom campaign , which was realized in 3 days in Berlin. Here you can see the team at work.



Universal Music

Rammstein - NYC Fotoshooting

Ruud Baan

My Mumbai

Universal Music

Rammstein - PR Fotoshooting

Deutsche Telekom

Corporate Campaign

We were on the road with Astrid Grosser in and around Berlin, right towards the sun.



Ailine Liefeld portraitiert echte Mitarbeiter an ihren Arbeitsplätzen bei Vattenfall in Berlin und Hamburg.


Simons Suche

Right at the beginning of 2013, we produced this photo shooting for Congstar. Have a look behind the scenes.

Deutsche Telekom


Kampagne für den Mailservice der Deutschen Telekom.


Annual Report

The shooting was done over three days while the McDonald stores involved kept operating.



In this campaign genuine real estate managers have one’s say. The images were realized by photographer Ailine Liefeld.

Gregor Collienne

Stadt_Splitter Berlin

Producing this photo series with Gregor Collienne was a lot of fun. The images talk for themselves (even with an overcast sky and freezing cold!)


Hear The World‘s Sound

For Soundcloud we were on the road in Berlin with Julia Baier and her team.

Deutsche Telekom

Best Friends

Once more we collaborated with Trevor Ray for Saatchi & Saatchi to produce for Deutsche Telekom. This time the team went to Croatia.


EasyTone - New York City #2

Deutsche Telekom

Das Erleben Experiment


Poolshooting "The Eye of ENTEGA"

The topic of our twelve day shooting: wind, water, sun, and other sources of energy generation. Nothing got prepared or staged which was extraordinary. A photographic road movie.



A weekend with three friends in Berlin. That was the only demand Alex Therani had for this shooting.

Deutsche Telekom

Local Park Sensation

A shooting dominated by the weather: the print campaign for the flashmob event at the English Garden in Munich actually had been supposed to be finished. Because of grey and cold weather conditions in Germany, we moved the production to a location near Barcelona.



Mein Paket #2

Photographer Murat Aslan already did some shootings for the package department of DHL. We supported him for the last two productions.Here are some of the images from the latest shooting.





We were able to realize an extraordinary production for ING DiBa together with photographer Antje Merkel. After a nation-wide casting, she portrayed the real employees of the bank for about two weeks in Frankfurt/Main. Impressions of the shooting can be seen in the film and here.

Deutsche Telekom

Alexandra Maria Lara "Mobiles Internet"

In the beautiful city of Capetown we produced the photos, taken by Özgür Albayrak, for the pilot campaign of the motion-picture MOVE ON, starring Mad Mikkelsen. In the limelight Alexandra Maria Lara while portrayed in the set of an imaginary shooting



The eBay fashion shoot was a remarkable production for us. Together the fashion bloggers Anda & Masha (NYC) and Eleonora Carisi (Milan) we compiled a collection for eBay. The Swedish photographer Joel Rhodin managed to stage this (more….).


Mein Paket #1

C 1000

Arjen Robben

Ruud Baan staged Arjen Robben artfully for the sticker seriesStars of Football”.



It was an interesting challenge to visually “unpack” the dream objects. On set it rather looked quite different.

Prevention Magazine


Mark Holthusen hat für das US-Magazin diese beiden wohl jedem bekannten Bilder nachgestellt. Illustriert haben sie einen Artikel zum Thema „Graue Haare“.

Deutsche Telekom


Mit dieser Kampagne wurde ein neuer Bildstil für die Deutsche Telekom etabliert – „mitten im Leben“.

JFK Magazine


An editorial shooting in 3D monochrome look for the Dutch men’s magazine „JFK“


Logo Shops

Viele verschiedene Läden hat Carsten Lehmann für dieses Motiv fotografiert, die dann zum ebay Logo zusammengesetzt wurden.


ZigTech F/W

For the Reebok ZigTech campaign, we traveled around the world to various places with Ruud Baan like Mumbai, Shanghai, Washington D.C., Madrid and Indianapolis.


BMW "Marathon"

BMW ist Hauptsponsor des Marathons in Berlin und Frankfurt. Mit Sportfotograf Oliver Farys haben wir diese Motive produziert.


EasyTone "Reflections" L.A.

Deutsche Telekom

Christoph Waltz

A project with an all-star cast: Oscar nominee Christoph Waltz photographed by celebrity photographer Marc Hom.


EasyTone - Cape Town


ZigTech - Zurich, LA, Kolkata...

We produced the Reebok Campaign with Tom van Heel who portrayed athletes like Lewis Hamilton (in Zürich), Iker Casillas (in Madrid), Peyton Manning (in Indianapolis), Alexander Ovechkin (in Washington D.C.), Mahendra Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh (in Kalkutta) and Amir Khan (in Los Angeles).


EasyTone - Apparel Berlin

Deutsche Telekom

"LIGA Total!"


EasyTone - Miami


EasyTone - New York City #1

This shooting in NYC was the start to a great production series around the globe with photographer Felix Larher.


Style Guide


Wernesgrüner / Bitburger


The Saxonian brewery Wernesgrüner wanted to show a summery municipal park setting for it’s campaign “Stammgäste”. Thanks to the snowy weather conditions in January we instead moved the production to South America and took the pictures at the beautiful park of Buenos Aires.

Deutsche Telekom

Years End Campaign

This cozy little cottage is not situated in a snowy winter scenery. It was built into the Berlin Havelstudio.

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home "Entertain"

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home "Call & Surf"

Deutsche Telekom

T-Home "VSE" Poolshooting