Braun Büffel

Fall Winter 2017


"Vive le Moment - Laundrette"


Pick up Pool


Concert Shampoo




Winter Campaign 2016


Prima Ballerina Elisa Carrillo

We were happy to co-produce this interview with the prima ballerina Elisa Carrillo in collaboration with Curiosity Media from Mexico.

Black Socks

Internet Spot "Bench"

Black Socks

Internet Spot "Rain"


Making-of "Silhouette"

The client liked the making-of movie of the foto shooting “Silhouette” so much, that it was transformed into a corporate video for his website.
Many thanks to Ralf Clauss for the great pictures!

Warner Music

Trailer "Praise Abort"

Zeit für Neues

Image movie

Also this year we took our time to a good cause:
Pro Bono results this image film in collaboration with m-cadrage. It provides an insight into the backgrounds of this great project.


Warner Music

Making-of "Praise Abort"

Warner Music

Music video "Praise Abort"


Making-of "McDonald's"

Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks

Making-of "Professional Diversity"

In the shooting’s ‘Making Of’, one can not only spot the faces belonging to the hands in the final images, but also the work environment and the team involved in the realization.

Deutsche Telekom

Image movie "Netzoffensive"

During the “Netzoffensive” shooting, where photographer Uwe Düttmann portrayed three Telekom managers, this image film was shot, in which they allow an insight into their fields of activity at Deutsche Telekom.


Product Movie D750

The material shot as part of the D-Movie Production was so well received by the client that an additional product film was mandated. This film explains the set-up of the camera with the help of 3D animation features.


Image movie "Unchained"

Parallel to the shooting with Ray Demski this action loaded video was shot with the new Nikon D750, in cooperation with Cinematographer Max Penzel.


Making-of "D750 Unchained"

One can see here under which party difficult circumstances the pictures were shot – special respect goes to the parkour and free running athletes.


TV Spot "Unchained"

The client liked the D750 product movie so much, they made a TV spot for the Asian market out of it.

Deutsche Telekom

Making-of "Netzoffensive"

Our camera team attended the Telekom Shooting with photographer Uwe Düttmann. The result is a very interesting view behind the scenes that show the interaction between photographer, production team and real Telekom employees.

Our social commitment

Image movie "Berliner Tafel"

In cooperation with our partner m-cadrage we have been working on an illustrative movie that shows the wonderful and great work of the institution Berliner Tafel, the projects and their helping hands.

Universal Music

"Videos 1995-2012" BluRay

Project management for the Rammstein BluRay with all video clips and “Making Ofs” releases up to date. The two former Videos produced by us were also included.

Cinematographer, Director, Postproduction

Max Penzel - Showreel

Showreel from cinemathographer Max Penzel -DoP of several Lunik film projects.


Making-of "ebay - MeinMix"


Was tust Du?

ZDF- Editorial department Quantum, documentary cut-out animation on people and their views.

Universal Music

Musikvideo "Mein Herz brennt"

For this video two separate film shootings were required: In December 2011, we did a three day filming with Eugenio Recuenco at the area of the old hospital in Beelitz. In June 2012, we shot the performance part and other scenes with Zoran Bihać. Both parts were artfully edited by Rob Meyers, we think it paid off!

Universal Music

Musikvideo "Mein Herz brennt"

The video shoot for the piano version of the Rammstein song “Mein Herz Brennt” was created whilst a short power failure occured but we think the result is brilliant! So did the band and decided to use the output off-the-cuff as the main version for the A side of their single.

Universal Music

DVD "Made in Germany"

We did the project management for Rammstein for the complex DVD-Box “Made in Germany.”