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"Metropolis, Berlin"

Shortlisted for the German Photobook Prize

The Stuttgart Media University awarded the German Photo Book Prize on 19.11.2021. Barbara Wolff’s photo art book was shortlisted and won the silver medal in the category “conceptual-artistic”. Lunik Berlin Verlag congratulates Barbara Wolff and Marc Barbey. All award winners are presented to interested audiences at home and abroad in the context of numerous traveling exhibitions.
Together with the trans-national network for the exchange of contemporary art, “Metropolis, Berlin” will be on display at the Emkan Gallery in Tehran and the Hasht Cheshmeh Art Center in Kashan until the end of March 2022.

Image 1: Stefan Weger
Image 2/3:

Stephan von Bothmer

Photography Concert ”Metropolis, Berlin”

In his so called ‘photography concert’ Stephan von Bothmer interprets photographs from Barbara Wolff’s latest series “METROPOLIS, BERLIN” on the piano – in collaboration with Collection Regard, Berlin.
Given the current circumstances, the session was streamed live from ALTE PUMPE, Berlin, on Feb 26 2021. The book to the series “METROPOLIS, BERLIN” is published by LUNIK BERLIN Verlag, with introduction of Marc Barbey. The silver gelatin prints are shown in the gallery COLLECTION REGARD Berlin, 19.02. – 18.06.2021.

Around the World – Metropolis near and far
The journey continues. If you would like to join this picture series and contribute to it, submit your photo to

Online Opening & Exhibition 19.02. - 18.06.2021

METROPOLIS | Collection Regard

Invitation: Opening and Exhibition
Barbara Wolff – METROPOLIS

Collection Regard
Steinstraße 12
10119 Berlin

19.02. – 18.06.2021
Curated by Marc Barbey.
Online Vernissage with Barbara Wolff and Marc Barbey on February, 18 at 6:30 pm here.

Funded by Stiftung KUNSTFONDS in the program 20/21 NEUSTART KULTUR.

Metropolis, Berlin

Press Archive

The recently published photo art book demarcates our first endeavor into the world of fine art publishing. We had the honor to work with Berlin based photographer Barbara Wolff on the publication “Metropolis, Berlin”, which, since it’s birth in late October 2020, received a myriad of acknowledgements varying from the photographic trade press as well as from ‘regular’ newspapers. Check out all recent reviews here and make sure to stay tuned! There surely are some news in the pipeline already!


A Cycle in 3 Parts

Anna Gripp from PhotoNews points out Barbara Wolff’s Metropolis cycle from initial instagram-posts, to prints on Baryt paper, to the collection of 104 black and white photographs in the eponymous photo art book (12/20;1/21). What’s going to be next?


Kristin Rappmund introduces new photo books

In the current issue of ProfiFoto, Kristin Rappmund presents the top 5 latest photo books (1-2/21). ‘Metropolis, Berlin’ takes the proud second place. Thank you!
For digital access, follow the link here.

Fotogloria | Büro für fotografische Zusammenarbeit


In their #FacesOfPhotography column, the team from fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit introduces the people behind the camera. Edda Fahrenhorst and Barbara Wolff spoke via email correspondence about photography, photo art books, travel memories and what it all has to do with the crisis year of 2020. Find the article here.


Review by Gunda Schwantje

Eine schöne Rezension der renommierten Bildredakteurin Gunda Schwantje in der Weihnachtsausgabe der taz vom 24.12.2020 zum Nachlesen.

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Metropolis on site

Barbara Wolff

Metropolis, Berlin: Black and white photographs of Berlin from 2018 to 2020

Originally posted on Instagram, the Berlin images of the Metropolis series are collected in a photography book and published by LUNIK BERLIN Verlag. With a foreword by Marc Barbey (German, English, French).

Wolff’s photographs are not about classic city views. They are about a subjective view of Berlin in the present time. The pictures tell of the inhabitants and their urban environment. Patterns of the city emerge, networks of relationships between people, architecture and (artificial) nature. The multi-layered levels of the photographs take the viewer on an emotional journey through the city. The focus resides in the transformation of the city, provocation and chaos. It is about secrets, as well as about visions. We visit train stations and Berlin’s bodies of water, graffiti walls and crowded shopping malls. But we also see the famous (empty) Berlin squares and stand in front of closed doors of techno clubs in the Corona year of 2020.
Berlin, not easy to describe with words, becomes a tense picture story in “Metropolis, Berlin”. For people interested in photography and Berlin-enthusiasts alike. For those who live in Berlin, as well as those to whom Berlin is a place of longing.

Metropolis, Berlin

Barbara Wolff

Barbara Wolff (*1951) grew up in the GDR and studied photography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. She moved to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1985. Until today she works as a freelancer for the Munich-based specialist camera manufacturer Linhof. Her freelance photographic work has been shown in Berlin (2017, 2020), Arles (2018), Vendome (2019), Geneva (2019) and Belém, (Brazil, 2019) and is represented in international collections. The photographer lives and works in Berlin.

Metropolis, Berlin

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Metropolis, Berlin

A look into the book (extract)

Click on the picture to see an excerpt from Barbara Wolffs “Metropolis, Berlin” – enjoy browsing!

Metropolis, Berlin

Berlin, Alexanderplatz

Es sind die Bilder, die bleiben

Vernissage - Barbara Wolff

Metropolis, Berlin

From photo to book

This series is linked to Fritz Lang’s film with the same name, to the extent that it captures and offers a unique perspective on these structures and modes of transport and how “ordinary people” interact with them.
Marc Barbey

Barbara Wolff

Catalog: Es sind die Bilder, die bleiben

In February 2020, we organized an exhibition of Barbara Wolff’s photographic work in our new office space. You can find the exhibition catalogue here in digital form.